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President and CEO UBC-TV NETWORK


Peggy Dodson is President anf CEO of UBC-TV NETWORK. Determination, Hard Work and Savvy are always the key elements toward the road to success.  Just ask Peggy Dodson.

“As the pages of history are written, never let the formula of success be forgotten. Determination, Hard Work and Business Savvy have certainly been a great formula for Peggy Dodson and this is only the beginning.

Determination, Hard Work and Savvy are always the key elements toward the road to success. Just ask Peggy Dodson. She has used this formula time and time again to propel her to the top of everything she does. Peggy’s understanding of this formula has helped her to achieve greatness in today’s business world.

Peggy’s success comes as no surprise. This is the same Peggy Dodson who grew up in Arkansas and at age 10, helped her father with the bookkeeping for his successful plumbing company. At age 14, she helped her mother in another family business, Dodson’s Diner. While attending high school she was voted vice president of the student body and was the 1st runner up in the Miss Teenage Black America Pageant in her area in Arkansas. After Ms. Dodson attended the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, on music and vocal scholarships, she moved to New York and fell in love with the Big Apple. There was a brief move to San Diego, Ca. where she formed Akenday Entertainment. Akenday is a company that produces music, television and video projects as well as a successful community talk show entitled “Economic Empowerment”. The show aired on Cox Cable and had viewing audience of over 326,000 households. Little did she know this was just the beginning. From there she developed an empowerment program called “Pathway To Success” and hosted and created a television show titled “World Beat” that aired on Time Warner Cable for 4 over years in New York City and the surrounding area to millions of homes.

Upon Peggy’s move back to New York, she became very active in the Harlem Community and was appointed to serve on the Community Board 10 as Chair of the Arts & Culture and Tourism committee by Manhattan Borough President, C. Virginia Fields, Ms Dodson received the NAACP’s prestigious “Women Making History” award. Ms Dodson also graced the cover of ‘Black Enterprise Magazine. Black Enterprise is one of America’s top business magazines that focus on prominent African Americans in business. Ms. Dodson also was a featured speaker on Tavis Smiley’s ‘Blacks in Technology’ tour that traveled across America. Ms. Dodson has appeared in numerous magazines, radio and television. She also has testified to Congress on matters that deal with Minorities in Cable and other issues that affect the FCC rulings in the cable industry. Ms. Dodson has produced, directed and hosted hundreds of hours of programs and has over 19 years experience in the entertainment, film, technology and television industry. Peggy is the first African American woman to Executive Produce NCAA Football, taking Florida A&M to national live broadcast in millions of households. Peggy is also a professional recording artist and jazz singer and has performed with some of the music industry’s top musicians. This has given her the expertise and vision to take the steps to turn the vision into reality.

Peggy’s road to success has led her to create and develop The Urban Broadcasting Company. UBCTV Network is more than just a first for Ms. Dodson. It is a first ever. A media technology broadcast company that is developed, owned, operated and created by an African American Woman? Unheard of. UBCTV is a Harlem, New York based broadcast multi-media company that appeals to urban multi- cultural audiences with original urban lifestyle content, special events, products and services and are distributed over multiple platforms globally. UBCTV is more than a telecommunications company, UBCTV is in the Business of Culture. It is a lifestyle network that has crossed all races and boundaries and is evolving into a global revolution of media, lifestyle and culture. To date, Ms. Dodson and UBCTV has entered into numerous mega agreements that is beginning to propel UBCTV into the national and international spotlight.




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