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Keisha Howard

Founder of Sugar Gamers


Keisha Howard is the founder of Sugar Gamers. Infectiously passionate about the worlds of video games and geek culture, Keisha Howard is a leader who has created a compelling and engaging vision and inspires others around it.

The quality of life we experience is in direct proportion to the quality of our thinking.

A two time TEDx Speaker, Keisha is able to foresee what lies beyond the horizon for the video game and e-sports industries. She regards gaming as more than entertainment, but a system of ideas and processes that can move and inspire people to action. Video games and the tools to make them are changing the future, and Keisha wants to make sure we can all be a part of that conversation.

A native of Chicago’s South Side, Keisha has been a video game enthusiast since childhood. Her communications background and passion for business innovation led her to the Information Technology Industry, specifically social media, the video game industry and geek culture. After discovering that a considerable part of the industry’s consumer and professional demographics were not being represented, Keisha created Sugar Gamers. It began as a women’s advocacy and networking group for consumers and professionals, but eventually blossomed into an organization that advocated for all demographics who were underserved or not being represented (such as minorities, and people from the LBGTQ+ community.)


Keisha’s work with Sugar Gamers has made her a minor celebrity in pop culture, affording her national television appearances on show’s like SyFy Channel’s ROBOT COMBAT LEAGUE and allowing her to meet pop culture icons like George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and Stan Lee, the chief architect of Marvel Comics. She has also given two Tedx Talks. She discusses her successes, losses, and the obstacles she’s overcome in countless panels, workshops, podcasts and speaking engagements, as well as interviewing other impactful individuals to help share their stories. 



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