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A New Breed Of HIP-HOP-Preneurs

How we rock!

The HIP HOP TECH CON conference is the crossroad where Hip-Hop, Entrepreneurs, and Technology meet. We promote the narrative you the artists, creative professionals, you are entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship is transformational growth. Our event presents Hip-Hop creators insight into developing their creative skills. Gain access to connect with leaders in both business and tech to leverage the awesome power of Hip-Hop entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to expose the Hip-Hop entrepreneur community to tech’s best practices, accelerating a new breed of Hip-Hop entrepreneurs to grow and scale their craft at light speed.

As culture and tech converge, consider what is the current state of Hip-Hop, and the future of Hip-Hop and technology? How do we utilize the global impact of Hip-Hop and tech to create businesses, and generate generational wealth? Join us for HIP HOP TECH CON 2020.

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The Event You Can't Miss

HIP-HOP TECH CON Conference On Entrepreneurship, Tech and Hip-Hop Innovation.

The Hip-Hop entrepreneur community generates over $200 billion in revenue annually. The conference offers creative entrepreneurs and startups a platform to explore a new paradigm shift in the convergence of culture and tech. 

The conference is supported by the Hip Hop Accelerator, helping artists, entrepreneurs and brands leverage tech’s best practices. Join the discussion and register now as we build upon Streaming, Digital Media, Blockchain, Crypto, Ai, Esports and Hip-Hop Innovation.

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